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Since after changing my foundation, it looks like I have to update my concealer too. I was using Bare Escentials’ “well rested” for under my eyes and Benefit’s “boiing” for certain spots on my face. I just feel like with the way my skin is going, these two are just not doing their job. I just want something with more coverage, mainly for my dark circles.

People have raved over Mac’s Studio Finish. It was great when I first put it on. It wasn’t as long lasting as I had hoped for. It moved throughout the day as the Mac associate did warn me. I have texture under my eyes so I probably would need something less waxy. It just ended up in the creases.

I kept it though for certain spots on my face that’s it’s perfect for.

I tried Make Up For Ever’s Full Coverage concealer. Most people love it because it is amazing. I didn’t get the correct color for me so I didn’t end up sticking with it. It was though long lasting and didn’t move throughout the day. Maybe I’ll go back around to it at another time.

I also tried Smashbox’s High Definition concealer. So far so good. It has pretty good coverage. It looks natural. It blends well. And most importantly, it doesn’t get in my creases. It lasts me all day at work, and then some. This was great but I still something with a bit more coverage.

I went back to MAC and got the Pro Longwear Concealer. Its probably my favorite out of all of them. It doesn’t crease and has great coverage. The only flaw (which I’m pretty sure they’ve heard a million times) is the glass container. But I love it!

Here’s also a fun top of getting rid of dark circles with RED LIPSTICK!!! I haven’t tried it yet but definitely excited to.

I’m of course always open to trying new techniques and products to mask my circles.



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  • Ashley D

    I swear by MAC’s ProLongwear Concealer. The MUA’s looked at me bewildered at first, but we’re impressed that I wear it as an all over foundation. I love the coverage, and it sticks where I apply. I’m glad it works for you, and you look great!