Masque that Face

As the holidays come into full affect and you’re eating until your bellies are full with goodness, your face may a take hit. Holiday meals are filled with deliciousness including lots of butter and sugar. If you’re like me, then your face may be in the brink of blemishes and breakouts. Along with my daily routine for washing  my face I don’t forget my weekly face masks and scrubs. 

I have on numerous accounts have mentioned my love for Lush’s Ocean Salt face scrub. It’s been my favorite for years.  They just introduced s new self preserving version. It has NO synthetic preservatives to keep them fresh. I just started using this version and so far so good.

I have also mentioned how I love a good active charcoal mask. This time I decided to try making my own. It actually is a lot more simpler than it seems. 

With a little search though Pinterest and Instagram and I found a super simple recipe for a DIY active charcoal mask. I followed @farahdhukai’s tutorial for her DIY skin detox face mask.

All you have to do:

-bring 1/2 cup water to boil

-add 1tsp of agar agar powder (you can find it at your grocery store, I got mine from Amazon. It helps make the mixture into a gelatinous consistency.)

-mix in charcoal powder (I used 3 pills) and wisk

Wait until the mask is not boiling hot but still warm and liquidy, then apply to your face. Let it cool completely on your face and peel off (that’s the fun part). 

Moisturize after with your favorite moisturizer. I started to use tea tree oil since it helps with breakouts without clogging pores.

Happy detoxing!


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