Eating your way through Buenos Aires Parte Uno 1

My husband and I travel for food (and sites too). Luckily his family is big into eating as well. During our last trip with his cousins, we went to Buenos Aires, Argentina. With all the places we ate, I tried to narrow down as much as I could for the best places I think to please any craving.

Even with all my narrowing down I had to break up Buenos Aires Food Edition into two parts. First part is all about great hearty at home type meals. Please enjoy.

Warning! Don’t read if you’re hungry. Pause, get a snack and continue reading.

If you’re craving steak…
Don Julios in Palermo, BA is the go to place for tourists for their steak. Yes it was good, BUT not good enough.
My favorite place was Caseros in the San Telmo neighborhood. My steak was probably the best steak I’ve ever eaten. Argentina is known for their steak so be prepared for delicious goodness. (Also, they don’t use steak sauce because honestly there isn’t any need.)
Make sure you get a Malbec (especially from Mendoza, their wine country) to pair with your amazing steak.
I do suggest that before ordering your amazing steak that you figure out how to order it. They tend to undercook it.
Once you’ve scarfed your steak down I hope you saved room for desert. They have this amazing dulce de leche cheesecake. I can’t even explain how delicious it was. We even ordered one whole one to go. I don’t think I can ever have dulce de leche cheesecake anywhere else.




Side note…they do have great options for vegetarians and for those that don’t eat red meat.

If you’re craving Italian…
Buenos Aires has a lot of Italian descendants so it’s natural to find amazing Italian food wherever in the city. We luckily stumbled across my favorite one when the Italian place we wanted to go to was closed.

We ended up at La Baita in the Palermo neighborhood. It was seriously the best accidental find during our whole trip.

If you’re looking for homemade pasta that your Italian grandmother used to make then this is the place. They were very hospitable and they even had menus in English.

The place looks like it could’ve been in a Godfather movie with one of the waiters as their muscle guy.

I suggest to start with their cheese platter. It has variations of local cheese including a very strong blue cheese.


I had one of their house made pastas with a meat sauce which to this day I’m still craving for another serving.



And if steak and Italian isn’t for you, they have Mexican too. Mercadito Latino is similar to a sweet little Mexican place that your friends own in San Francisco. It’s the first place we found that actually had a variety of hot sauce.



The service was great as were their margaritas.


I ended up with quesadillas that literally reminded me of home. I just topped it off with a little bit of hat sauce and guacamole and it was perfection.




Now now that you’re hungry. I’ll let you eat and await for Parte Dos.


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