Challah Bread French Toast

I love French toast…but really who doesn’t? I first had stuffed Challah bread French toast at my friend’s house. It was absolutely delicious. I was completely inspired to make my own for brunch on a snowy weekend.   I didn’t end up making stuffed French toast but it was still […]

Eating your way through Buenos Aires Parte Uno 1

My husband and I travel for food (and sites too). Luckily his family is big into eating as well. During our last trip with his cousins, we went to Buenos Aires, Argentina. With all the places we ate, I tried to narrow down as much as I could for the […]

Chia Seed Pudding (about 6 servings) 1

Want a quick and easy warm weather snack? You have to try this super easy Chia See Pudding. I thank my sister in law for the introduction. The best part of this recipe is that you can modify to your tastes.   Ingredients  3/4 cup chia seed 2.5 cups coconut […]